Move dolly

Robotized dolly system

Key features

1. Moves on both straight and curved rails - Possibility to combine straight and curved tracks into complex shapes. Can also move in a closed circle.

2. Flexibility and various modes of operation - Move robo dolly can be combined with the Pauli robotic PT head, Raise motorized pedestal or adjustable manual lift suitable for any situation in video production.

3. Easy setup and control – System setup is fast and easy. It allows for an arbitrary combination of straight and curved rails. Placement of track endings limits and the dolly on the track is straightforward. Additionally, control of the whole system is intuitive and easy with the Skaarhoj controller. It allows for the control of the dolly, motorized lift, PT head and lens. Overall, one day of training is enough for an operator to start using the system in production.

4. Advanced presets – In addition to the direct control of the system axes, it is possible to save presets. System features advanced preset options allowing the user to select which axes to include in the preset. When the preset is executed, axes that are not included in the preset can be operated manually. System also gives a possibility to save and execute preset arrays – sequences of presets with execution times.

5. Possibility for extension and customization – It is possible to extend the solution to be battery powered and fully wireless. In addition, customer specific customizations are also possible based on the joint specifications with Zanus engineers.




30kg (Pauli PT head with camera of up to 20kg)

Maximal acceleration

1m/s 2

Dolly speed

1mm/s – 3m/s (on straight track), 1m/s (on curved track)


Joystick control with advanced presets


Power supply

48V external power supply

Connectors (audio, video)

2 SDI coax pass-through

Connectors (other)

1 RS232 pass-through, 1 RS232 connector on top

Cable management

Full cable integration into the body of the lift. Cable management for the dolly

Tracks flexibility


Stainless steel tracks straight and curved 1.5m long with integral levelling adjustment. Possibility to combine straight and curved tracks into complex shapes. Can also move in a closed circle.

End limits

Limit switches for the dolly and physical barriers that the user can easily mount and adjust at the end of tracks.

Setup Combinations

It is possible to mount camera directly on the dolly, to mount Pauli robotic PT head on the Move dolly or to mount either mechanical or Raise lift on the Move dolly

Move & Pauli robotic PT head

Move & Mechanical lift & Pauli robotic PT head

Move & Motorised Raise Lift & Pauli robotic PT head


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