Accessories for our products

Mechanical Lift

Mechanical Lift that can be mounted on Move robo dolly.

Manual lift



30kg (Pauli PT head with camera of up to 20kg)

Maximal height



Pauli PT Head or any PTZ camera can be mounted on top of the manual lift. Manual Lift can be mounted on Move robo dolly.

PTZ Lens Hood

Custom-made lens hood for lens flare protection


During the system integration of the RoboProd into the building of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia we ecountered the problem of lens flares on PTZ cameras. Zanus Technology as a system integrator, decided to produce a custom-made lens hood. We performed a series of measurements with the FLIR Systems thermal camera to determine how much the PTZ camera heats up during regular use. We 3D scanned the PTZ camera, designed a custom-made lens hood in CAD and produced it for all four cameras.


Our custom-made lens hood weighing around 20gr.

Perfectly Balanced

After a series of measurements with the FLIR thermal camera, we found that the PTZ camera does not additionally heat up with our custom-made lens hood.

PTZ Lens hood

Do you a custom made lens hood for your PTZ camera?

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