RoboProd system

Multi-purpose single control point production robotics system

RoboProd key features

1. Control for wide range of devices – Control for Zanus products and PTZ cameras with VISCA over IP protocol.

2. Single operator control – A single person can control all devices and their axes with short practice since the system is pretty intuitive.

3. Complex presets – Saving presets from single or multiple robotic systems. Execution of presets for several robotic systems in parallel with the given execution times. Possibility of defining array of presets.

4. Pan, tilt, height, zoom, focus and iris control – easy coordination of control for these axes.

5. No time delay between the movement of different axes – simultaneous execution of movement of different axes.

RoboProd system



Any PTZ camera with VISCA over IP protocol (such as Sony BRC-X1000, Canon CR-N300, Canon CR-N500, BirdDog EYES P400 and many others)
Zanus Pauli PT head
Zanus Raise Lift, and Zanus Move dolly with either Pauli head or a PTZ camera with VISCA over IP protocol on top – controlled as a single unit


PC with Linux operating system, touch screen, ethernet switch, main joystick for robot control and presets, auxiliary joystick for image quality control, software with advanced preset functionality.


Iris control knob for cameras on the robotic heads
Image control knobs for gain, shutter, color, white balance, gamma
Camera selection tasters (can operate independently from the operation of the main joystick).


Possibility to save presets from a single robotic system or multiple systems. Image thumbnail for each preset with a database that the user can define as a macro to store important information about the preset for easier recall afterward. Possibility to edit or delete presets.


Option to recall a preset through touch screen or main joystick with a possibility to set preset execution time.
Option to group presets from several robotic systems into a single preset that, when recalled, executes presets for all the included robotic systems.
Option to create an array of presets by defining presets and desired execution times for several presets that can then be recalled and executed consecutively one after the other.


RoboProd controller is a flexible platform offering control for up to 20 different robotic devices from different manufacturers.

It provides a unified framework for control of any PTZ camera that uses VISCA over IP protocol, control of Zanus Pauli PT heads and control of a system consisting of Zanus Raise lift and Pauli PT head mounted on top of it as a single unit or control of Zanus Raise lift and any PTZ camera mounted on it.

AutoProd Presets
AutoProd MultiAutoProd Array


RoboProd Controller software allows for saving presets from a single or multiple robotic systems. Each preset is linked with a thumbnail image taken from the corresponding camera and a database of information that can be associated with that preset and used for advanced search by the operator afterward.

Preset thumbnails can be organized and systematized by the operator depending on the daily routines and needs.

It is possible to define complex presets that consist of presets for several robotic systems that are executed in parallel.

In addition, it is possible to define an array of presets where one sets a sequence of presets and execution times and all these presets are executed consecutively.


National Assembly of Serbia

RoboProd system in this case controls 3 Pauli PT heads, 2 Zanus Raise lifts and 4 Canon PTZ cameras.

RoboProd system used in parliament


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