Innovative, compact, light and affordable – Paulinho pan tilt head can turn any camcorder, box camera or DSLR into a PTZ camera.

Paulinho pan tilt head key features

1. Superb motion quality control with the speed range of 0.01°/s – 30 °/s

2. Various possibilities for camera supply, SDI, HDMI and tally pass through, ethernet switch in the head make it easy to use any camera

3. With various lens control interfaces such as Canon and Fujinon servo lenses, external follow focus motors, LANC, or Canon XC protocol over ethernet it is easy to turn any camcorder, box camera or DSLR into a PTZ camera

4. Advanced preset options – Play and Run options for up to 100 presets with an advanced combination of preset execution and manual control

5. Multiple head control – Multiple heads can be easily controlled from a single control point

6. Modern and lightweight – Innovative L-shape design with the weight of only 3.3 kg (7.3 lb) and a camera payload of 5 kg (11 lb)

Paulinho pan tilt head with camera attached front view


Camera payload




Pan angle

± 175°

Tilt angle

± 180°

Pan/Tilt speed

0.01 - 30°/s



Power requirements

24V DC, 5A


288 x 227 x 90mm


Control app that is implemented on the robotic pan tilt head can be opened from any computer, tablet, smartphone, or similar device without the need to install additional software. Users have the option of joystick control with a great variety of different joysticks (any joystick with VISCA over IP, Skaarhoj configurable joystick, and more). Our robotic pan tilt head is built for automation and its advanced communication protocol allows easy integration into automatic production workflows.

One of Paulinho’s main advantages is that a single operator can control multiple pan tilt heads from a unique control point.

Paulinho pan tilt head interface


Paulinho makes cabling very easy with SDI, HDMI and tally signal pass through. Additionally, Paulinho has a switch inside with ethernet connectors in the base and for the camera.

Paulinho uses 24V DC power supply, and it offers adjustable output voltage of 7.4V, 8.4V, 10V, 12V or 24V for supplying various cameras.


Paulinho pan tilt head is suitable for many types of surroundings such are event and congress spaces, smaller and local TV stations, places of worship, parliaments and conference rooms and sports venues and events.


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