Raise lift

Motorized robotic pedestal

Key features

1. Travel distance - Raise offers a travel distance of 500mm. When Pauli robotic PT head is mounted, the minimal distance from the floor to the camera mount is 1312mm, while the maximum distance is 1812mm. This gives flexibility for covering a large number of production tasks.

2. Wide speed range with smooth control - Raise motorized pedestal offers a tight speed control in the range from 0.1mm/s up to 200mm/s. The user can easily adjust the smoothness of motion by adjusting the limits of the velocity, acceleration and jerk.

3. Mounting possibilities – This motorized pedestal is simple to use once it is mounted on the floor. Raise lift is easily movable with 4 castor wheels in the base – each wheel is equipped with an easily accessible brake. For perfect leveling when blocked, the Raise is equipped with adjustable leveling legs and a level indicator for fast fine-tuning of the perfect level.

4. Flexible interfaceRaise motorized pedestal is compatible with the Pauli robotic PT head, but also with any PTZ camera with VISCA over IP protocol. In addition, it is compatible with Move robo dolly. All together it can form a powerful robotic system suitable for professional productions.

5. Effective cable management and integration with other systems – With 2 SDI pass-through cables, one serial RS232 passthrough, as well as the ethernet switch inside with ethernet connectors in the base and at the top, Raise offers full integration of all the necessary cables. In addition, it has 12V and 24V DC connectors at the top, which makes connecting different heads, PTZ cameras or other equipment possible without the need to have hanging cables.



30kg (Pauli PT head with camera of up to 20kg)

Maximal travel

500mm – (from 1312mm to 1812mm)

Speed range

0.1 – 200mm/s with maximal acceleration 100mm/s2


2 SDI coax pass-through, 1 RS232 pass-through, 1 RS232 connector on top

Cable management

Full cable integration into the body of the lift


Joystick control with advanced presets, manual position control with the rocker button on the lift (lift stays fixed in the manually set position)


Compatible with Pauli PT head, any PTZ camera with VISCA over IP protocol and Move robo dolly


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