Zanus brings Pauli robotic pan tilt head to the RTS set

Zanus brings Pauli robotic pan tilt head to the RTS set

Recently, Zanus Technology has partnered with RTS, Serbia’s public broadcaster in supporting the live talk show “Rec na rec” with one of the Pauli heads. RTS helped us understand some of the needs that similar studios of our home market could have. During these shows, we upgraded and adjusted the desired features and characteristics and gained invaluable knowledge for the future. In return, our Pauli robotic head with a camera fixed on top, subtly fitted behind the guests, removing the need for a human cameraman to distract the audience while watching the debate.

So what are the main characteristics of Pauli that made it stand out during these shows?

The reason Pauli head was used in this talk-show is the need of the show host Zoran Stanojević to stand across the participants in order to moderate the debate more easily. In addition, in this configuration of standing, it was required for the camera that covers the host to be as little noticeable as possible in order not to draw too much attention.

In the previous incarnations of the show, due to limitations of the studio outline and the use of manual camera heads, the host was standing in the middle, with the gests aligned to his left and right side (as shown in Figure 1. In this position, it was hard for the host to moderate the debate, as it was not easy to directly interact with the guests.

Figure 1: Previous outline of the talk-show

In the new incarnation, the host was placed to face the guests and the Pauli head was used to cover. The remotely operated Pauli robotic head was almost invisible to the show viewers (as shown in Figure 2). Therefore, a new arrangement of the show allowed for better moderation and provided better visual quality and full use of the studio that was available.

Figure 2: New arrangement of the talk-show

Remotely operated Pauli head vs. manual operation

As mentioned above, Pauli pan tilt head subtly fitted in the studio. Its modern, lightweight and compact design enabled it to sophistically stand on a tripod behind the guests and not take too much attention. A cameraman standing at the same spot would be too distracting for most viewers Furthermore, with its payload of 20kg Pauli enabled mounting additional equipment to the camera needed to help the host in moderating.

Interface made easy

With the wide range of interface options available, Pauli was ready for any challenge. With 2 6G SDI/ Genlock, Ethernet and power cables pass through the pan axes, cables would never make a problem and get tangled up. To add to this, the setup itself is quick and clean, with looking connectors for easier use. The head was mounted before and dismounted after each debate, which due to its practical design was always done very quickly.

Noise or no noise?

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Pauli pan tilt head works at only 40dB. Working this quietly is of great importance because the robot cannot interrupt the guests speaking and cannot be heard by the viewers.

All in all, our robotic head has learned so much during this past period and proves to be a reliable partner for your productions. It is convenient for a studio, but also for operating in any other environment such as music videos, conferences, churches, sports halls. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of how this looked like on the show.

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